Need a tuxedo or a tailcoat? We've got you covered.

We have a large choice of suits to rent for men on special occasions, official events and weddings. The quality is exceptional and tailor-made to fit you perfectly on your D-day.

What is included ?

  • Tailored fitting and personal attention in our shop.
  • A choice of accessories to complete your suit. (for rent)
  • Dry cleaning and alterations.



Our choice of suits for men includes:

Tuxedos / Tailcoats / Wedding suits /  Wedding hats / Top hats / pockets suit / Ties / Bow Ties / Vests / Shirts / Tuxedo belts


What you need to know:

Dry cleaning and alterations are included in your rental price.

Rental conditions
Every rental needs to be secured by a deposit that is returned to you when you bring your costumes back. This deposit can be done either by VISA, Mastercard or Cash.

The duration of any rental is 5 business days. Beyond this period, additional fees apply.

Any serious damage caused to costumes during the rental period are at the charge of the client.

We will make sure you look elegant and sleek !



Ready to impress at your next big event ?

We have what you need to dress your best.