Tania Monla, CEO

Born in Geneva, Tania Monla has been immersed in artistic and creative circles since childhood, with her mother Rosemarie Monla, the founder of La Mascarade.

She developed an early passion for Art in all its forms and initially planned to become a professional in the fashion industry. With this in mind, she completed her Bachelor Degree in Management, in Boston (1997), then began her career in New York in the Fashion District. In New York, Tania Monla worked for fashion wholesalers manufacturing and selling fashion clothing to big department stores such as SAKS FIFTH AVENUE, Barney's, and Neiman Marcus.

She worked 8 years in the New York Fashion District, and then lived 5 years in Los Angeles where she continued to work in fashion by opening a multi-brand accessory store in Beverly Hills. In parallel in Los Angeles, Tania Monla goes back to University and graduates with a Master's degree in Psychology in 2008.

It was during her many trips between the US and Europe for 18 years that she finally decided to return to live in Switzerland in 2011, to take over the family business La Mascarade. Since she took over the company, Tania Monla has created new costumes in their atelier, launched an event decoration department (2017), an online store (2019), a mobile costume concept where the costumes are delivered to the parties (2018). La Mascarade continues to be solicited in Switzerland and abroad with private clients, companies, magazines / television/ theaters, who uses their high quality services for costumes and decoration for the most exquisite events in Switzerland, and worldwide.

Today, La Mascarade is the leading Swiss luxury costume rental company with more than 12,000 costumes in stock.