3 ways to find your perfect party wear and be eco-friendly

Why buy a costume you will only wear once, that you will end up throwing away or take space in your closet. It's cheaper, more profitable, more environmentally friendly to use the 3 R’s…. Rent Reduce Reuse.

Try to be conscious and not waste, let’s be smart with our buying consumption, with respect to the environment. Think to shop locally and help the proximity businesses in your neighbourhood.

If you go to a costume party and you have time to create your own costume, this is fantastic ! but not all of us have time. Have you ever ordered a costume online ? when you placed the order online, the pictures were so attractive, it looked so perfect and beautiful you thought, “cool this will be perfect for my 30th birthday”…

and the package arrives and it’s a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT; the costume looks horrible, the cut doesn’t fit, the fabric is the cheapest polyester fabric ever, the whole costume smells like plastic, you know you will sweat in that fabric and you will look horrible. Now, you start to panic, your party is in one day, and you cannot seriously wear this costume…what happened with that beautiful party site’s picture ? it’s gone !! and now you think you’re the loser with the cheapest most horrible costume ever that you paid…and it will end up thrown away and pollute our planet. Next time, think ahead and try to use the 3 R’s. Trust me on this !

Keep in mind using the 3 R’s


  • RENT a costume, evening dress or tuxedo at a rental costume store or online.

  • REDUCE try to reuse and recycle a piece of clothes or accessory that you have never worn, but kept just in case. Well, now… is the perfect timing to give use to that pair of silver pants, or your grandfather's hat. Might be a hat, a shiny jacket, a pair of vintage high heels, a shirt, anything you can reuse, do it! And if you have artistic skills, you can paint it, add decorations to a jacket, put flowers on a hat, and many more ideas, I will write a blog about this topic…on how to transform an old piece of yours. If you don’t have time to do so, then rent your costume

  • REUSE Go to a second hand shop or thrift shop, you might be surprised of what you can find. sometimes, they have treasures. And it's much more ecological to buy second hand than polyester costumes wrapped in plastic, coming straight from a factory with workers conditions we cannot imagine.

    Think of our planet

    If you'd rather buy and keep a special creation in your closet, I would strongly advise you to go on ETSY , they have many fantastic artists selling unique handmade creations that are one of a kind. I love Etsy...give it a try really.

Have fun ! and don’t forget to be a smart consumer for our lovely planet.