La Mascarade is the largest company in Switzerland for quality costume rentals, with more than 12,000 costumes available for rent. We also have a decoration department, table decoration, photocall creation, costume delivery such as a dressing for your events, and professional makeup artists for your events.

La Mascarade was founded by Rosemarie Monla in Geneva, Switzerland in 1985. She is a Swiss stylist and modelist who had an incredible talent.

She had the genius idea to create high quality costumes and rent her creations to people going to theme parties, TV shows, theaters, and corporate parties. She was a true visionary woman, creating a new concept, that was eco-friendly for the time back in the 80s; rent high quality costumes vs. buying low quality costumes.She created different costumes one by one, which quickly grew into a large stock and fast growing business. La Mascarade became the best reference in Switzerland to dress up happy clients going to the most exclusive parties in Europe.